Who We Are: Custom Made, Ethically Sourced Kids Clothes

Treasure Box Kids Custom Made Kids Clothes


Dearest Friend,

These are our kids clothes dreams.

In an ideal world, we would all be able to accessibly shop for sustainable apparel.  In reality, we are a long ways away from mass production and overconsumption not being the daily standard.

My name is Carolyn Bailey, and I am the founder and President of Treasure Box Kids. I believe that we should gather our efforts to push forward with consciously ethical practices, and support those in our communities fighting to help make slow fashion attainable. We make a difference! This is a dream we at Treasure Box Kids share, and it is one that our company has been working to bring to the Central Florida area since 2014.

Our kids clothes beginnings

From an early age, I have held a passion for design and fashion. The town where I grew up was small and quaint, with only three businesses operating locally. As luck may have had it, my home was across the street from one of them: Wayside Fabrics, a sewing studio. Many of my afternoons were spent watching how the seamstresses selected fabrics, wove clothing, and put together ensembles. The owner of the studio, Diane Whitney, embraced my interest and introduced me to the craft of sewing. More significantly, she showed me the magic of bespoke fashion and the importance of quality construction and fabrics.

Even after leaving my hometown and working in various business management positions, I found that my passion for design never faded. After 20 years in sales and marketing, I decided it was time to use my experience to bring to life a childhood dream. Treasure Box Kids, Inc. was thus launched in 2008.

The history of our kids clothes

Our brand initially started as an Amazon-only retailer that carried imported, name brand kids clothes. After becoming a registered trademark in 2010, I decided that the long-time deterioration of materials and manufacturing practices was not a direction I wanted to continue to be a part of. Working in the fashion industry gave me insight into its mechanics, and the use of unsustainable practices affecting laborers and the environment became apparent to me as something we need to actively fight.

Today, our team makes sure that TBK only offers the highest-quality clothing, and every garment we produce reflects our values. Our grassroots efforts work locally and overseas to develop lines that are both affordable and high quality, all while remaining ethically sourced and manufactured in the USA.

Treasure Box Kids Custom Made Kids Clothes


Little Maisha and the expansion of our kids clothes

After finding success in girl’s dresses and apparel, we decided that our drive for change could be extended past sustainable manufacturing. Partnering with a Washington State non-profit, The Tembo Trading Education Project, we launched a line of women’s scarves with a very special purpose.

Maisha means “life” in Swahili, and thus our Little Maisha line came to be. This project was driven by our goal of training, employing, and aiding to economically develop women in Kenya. By giving women tools and opportunities to become financially independent, we also give them a fighting chance against human traffickers. A woman who is unable to afford an education for her children or for herself is more likely to fall victim to these crimes, and we work so that our efforts in this line will extend into future collections that will also support their rehabilitation.


Little Maisha Infinity Scarves

Whether you are coming to us from within the United States or from across the globe, I hope to get a chance to personally welcome you to the TBK family. We take care of the things that matter to us, and our community is something that I hope you will become a part of. I look forward to hearing from you about our kids clothes, our projects, or even if it’s just to say hello!

      – Carolyn