Our Process: Central Florida Sustainable Fashion

Central Florida Sustainable Fashion

sustainable fashion

Yes, sustainable fashion can be quality fashion.

We believe that the care you put into craftsmanship will determine the quality of a garment. Since our beginning, we have meticulously worked to only provide products that reflect the utmost standard of care, and have moved away from those that didn’t.

A large part of the founding of Treasure Box Kids centered on our outrage with deteriorating conditions of mass-produced clothing, so we began to create apparel that we could trust didn’t stoop to cheap shortcuts and improper construction. Our kid’s clothing is all made in the USA, and we employ skilled workers who we know and trust to bring our lines to life.

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The Quality of Our Sustainable Fashion 

Made of 100 percent cotton, our clothing is not only comfortable and easy to wear but can withstand numerous washes without losing its color or feel.

sustainable fashionThis is achieved through our cotton sourcing, selection of fabric and craftsmanship. Every item we sell has been hand-made by a seamstress that was individually selected and employed, and who make sure that each seam, hemline, cut and corner reflected our standards. This way, we create apparel that can be passed down for many years within families, living up to the name “slow fashion.”

We follow the National Institute of Standards and Technology to help determine our clothing construction practices. By applying their Apparel and Household Textiles Compliance Requirements, we ensure that parents who dress their children in our garments can rest easy knowing that their kids are not only safe but also in the highest quality of clothing.

In the final rounds of production, we test our designs out on our models to receive direct feedback on how children feel within our clothes. We test fit, cut, fabric and just about everything else that will amount to the comfort and movability of a garment. If a particular style does not pass this test, it is taken back to our seamstresses who will address the issue, or if need be, reconstruct the design entirely. 

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Sustainable Fashion and Our Relationship with Our Manufacturers.

A big part of ethical sourcing is maintaining good business practices with those in your industry. We believe that relationships are at the pinnacle of good business and that the ethical practices we keep should be infused into every connection we make.

In Central Florida, we hire trusted independent seamstresses. In Kenya, we manufacture our Little Maisha scarves in one place, with our workers’ guaranteed the fundamental rights of fair pay and benefits going beyond just the legal requirements. We make sure that our processes work to reflect our kid’s clothes dreams: quality practices where everyone is treated equally, and human rights are upheld.  We make sustainable fashion where our costs, impact, and people are visible.

sustianable fashion

Later this year, we shall expand our operations within Central Florida. Currently, our operations are focused on independent locations, but our new direction is bringing our TBK family one step closer together. Exciting new partnerships have led us to begin the planning of a single, larger sewing studio in the Orlando area. Once we have rooted ourselves in Central Florida, we can begin to expand our sustainable fashion and make an impact in our community.