Our Impact: Central Florida Ethical Manufacturing

Central Florida Ethical Manufacturing

ethical manufacturing

Our priority is ethical manufacturing. We make clothes that match our values, and we also make clothes to fit the needs of the little girls who wear them. Kids shouldn’t be confined. They should be able to run, twirl, skip and feel comfortable in everything they wear. We believe practicality shouldn’t be compromised, and neither should style or ethics.

We strive to keep all of these values together to produce a product that reflects our kid’s clothes dreams. A product we trust has the ability to be comfortably worn at playtime, passed down from parent to child for generations, and whose construction did not hurt anyone’s quality of life. 

Our children’s clothing lines are 100 percent made in the USA. All of our children’s operations run out of Florida’s Polk and Orange Counties, where we manufacture our lines and employ local seamstresses.

Learn more about how we made the change from standard to ethically manufacturing on our Who We Are page.

Our Partners in Ethical Manufacturing 

Ethical ManufacturingIt takes a village. Although we would like to, we know one retailer striving to create sustainable fashion wouldn’t change the world.

We draw on the help of our friends, neighbors, and everyone else that’s willing to listen and believes in our goals.  Relationships carry you for miles, and we value those who wish to contribute to our path in any way.

Some of our favorite companies working in the business of ethical manufacturing are right here in our home state of Florida, and we are proud to partner with them in our journey. Dapper Snappers and Imagination Creations offer quality kids clothing and accessories that are all made in the USA, and we proudly carry some of their designs on our own site.

We’ve also found friends with similar passions outside of our local community. Reaching out to the other corner of the U.S., the inspiring people at the Tembo Trading Project helped us think internationally and brought our focus to problems larger than just those affecting ourselves.

Our children’s clothing is made in the USA, but our Little Maisha scarf line is manufactured in Kenya with the goal of empowering and rehabilitating victims of human trafficking. We employ women in need of economic stability to make our scarves and thus help them get back on their feet after living through years of abuse. 

Having a long-lasting positive impact on the world is now one of our greatest goals. We have taken this passion and made it the overarching drive of our kid’s clothes dreams. Currently, we are working to expand our rehabilitation efforts past just one scarf line and into all of our children’s clothing. In the years to come, we will work to address the human trafficking problem right here in Florida. 

To read more about the work we’re doing at home and overseas, read our page on Our Process.

Ethical Manufacturing and the Empowerment of our Community 

ethical manufacturingAfter working for a few years with Tembo, we started to apply our experience at home. As a Central-Florida-based company, we could not stand to ignore the horrors of human trafficking in our own community. According to the Greater Orlando Human Trafficking Task Force, “Orlando ranks 3rd in the nation for human-trafficking calls.”

As a hub for tourism, Orlando serves as a city where traffickers can take advantage of population movement to prey on prospective victims.

Our production will aid in the rehabilitation of local people who have been exploited and subject to abuse, and we hope that our efforts can continue to expand throughout the state. Ethical Manufacturing to us means more than just conducting sound business; we work to make a tangible impact in the lives of those in need.