Ladybugs-Ladybug Lore

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Ladybugs-Ladybug Lore

Little girls love ladybugs. Classic ladybug lore is as varied as the regions where the stories began. All month long at we are featuring girls ladybug outfits and girls dresses adorned with adorable ladybugs. Lady Bugs are adorable on baby ladybug outfits, dresses and onesies which are also featured this month. Read our blog this month for great ideas for a girls ladybug themed party or a baby ladybug themed party.


In most cultures, the ladybug is considered to be a good luck charm. Children love ladybugs because they are colorful and easy to catch. The most popular ladybug lore began in Europe during the Middle Ages when swarms of insects were destroying crops. Farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary. Soon after, the ladybugs came to devour the insects and save the crops. Farmers called ladybugs, �The Beetles of Our Lady,� and over time were called �Lady Beetles� or �Lady Bugs.� The red wings represented the Virgin�s cloak and the black spots were symbolic of her joys and sorrows.



More ladybug lore:
� In Sweden, people believe that if a Ladybug lands on a young maiden�s hand, she will soon be getting married.
� In France, if you are sick and Ladybug lands on you, when it flies away it will take the sickness with it.
� If you find a Ladybug in your house, count the number of spots and that is how many dollars you will soon receive. In Belgium, the number of spots on a Ladybug indicates how many children you will have.
� In England, finding a Ladybug means that you will have a good harvest.
� In the pioneer days if you found a Ladybug in your house in the winter you would have good luck.
� If a Ladybug is held in the hand while making a wish, the direction that it flies away to shows where your luck will come from.
� In some Asian cultures, it is believed that the Ladybug understands human language, and has been blessed by God, Himself.
� The Victorians in Britain believed that if a Ladybug alighted on your hand, you would be receiving new gloves…if it landed on your head, a new hat would be in your future.


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