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Kids Math Games – Counting fun

By creating kids games that are educational, your child will have fun as they are learning. Kids math games have been a long time school favorite for teaching children how count and multiply. When your child is involved in this educational game for kids, they will be creating a numbers game that they will want to play as they learn.

Game for Kids

Game for Kids

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Take a long white shoe lace and with a black magic marker, write numbers on the shoe lace. You can do this anyway that you prefer either using lines between numbers or just writing the numbers. Tie a knot at one end of the shoe lace then take a colorful bead and put it on the lace.

Now, you can play any number game you that like. Ask your child to move the bead to the number five and then to the number twenty. There are countless ways to teach math using this simple home made project.

Call a number out loud and have your child move the bead to that number. This will teach number recognition to your child. This project is a great way to teach the concept of more or less. Have them move the bead up or down the lace to show that for instance five is less than ten but fifteen is more than ten. You can also incorporate addition and subtraction into this game.


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