Kids Educational Activities: Teaching kids to Save

Homemade Crafts�

Kids Educational Activities: Teaching kids to Save

Use these kids educational activities to teach your child how to save money. Here is a golden opportunity for teaching kids how to save and earn. Homemade crafts can be a lot of fun and can teach your child a valuable lesson in saving. Look to Treasure Box Kids each and every week to find new kids educational activities to create your next children�s craft.

Homemade Crafts

Homemade Crafts

To start the children�s craft, take an old coffee can or something of the same size. Put a slit in the plastic cover to accommodate coins. Have them decorate the outside anyway that they would like from things around the house. Add character to it by giving it a label such as �Wishes.� Have your child put the picture of the article in the coffee can and secure the lid.

If this is a young child, give them household chores that they can handle. Reward them with money for the job well done. This will work well for teaching your child that they have to work for things and that they don�t always come so easy. This will also give them the incentive to do some extras things in order to receive additional funds. Depending on what they want they can save the entire amount or you can add to the fund at any time. You will be surprised at the enthusiasm this will create. Once they have achieved this goal you can move on to another wish that needs to be earned.

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