Kids Crafts: Dragon eggs

Kids Crafts: Dragon eggs

Theses kids crafts are an accent to a Harry Potter themed party or even a medieval party. But, you don�t need a party to have fun with these crafts for kids. You can do this with your child in a step by step process that will also be a great bonding experience with them.

Kids Crafts

Kids Crafts

Collect plastic eggs that are found around Easter time or eggs that are used for the sale of nylons. Paint them with fleck-stone paint to give them the look of enchantment. Leave them to dry as you make the �goo� for the inside of the egg. You will need the following ingredients:

1. Elmer�s glue
2. 2 large bowls
3. food coloring
4. Borax laundry detergent
5. small dragon figure

Mix 2 cups of white Elmer�s glue with 1 � cups warm water in a large bowl. Add food coloring to make the desired color. In the other bowl mix 1 1/3 cups warm water with 3 tablespoons of Borax. Then, mix the contents of the two bowls together. This will make a gelatinous substance. Place in an airtight container or plastic bag until you are ready to fill the eggs.

Once the eggs have dried; place a small figure of a dragon inside the egg. Add the goo or flubber. Close the eggs and put them in a basket until your little guests arrive.

When the children arrive, give each of them an egg. Tell them that they are to keep the egg as warm as they can so the dragons can safely hatch. When you are serving the cake or are opening gifts, have the guests open their dragon eggs as well. The gooey substance will resemble what oozes from the egg when a dragon hatches. Girls might think it is gross, but rest assured the boys will love it!

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