Kids Arts and Crafts

Kids Arts and Crafts

For educational kids arts and crafts, don�t forget the power of reading. We have great ideas on how to create your next kids art project that is sure to be fun and educational. It is always nice to read a book to a child. What about having your child create their own book?

Kids Art Project

Kids Art Project

Begin this kids craft by having your child draw a picture. Ask him or her to begin telling a story. Have him draw pictures for each part of the story. To make it more authentic have him draw the picture and run the picture through your printer using a word document for formatting the words for the picture. It is easy to do if you put it at the top or bottom of the page.

When this kids arts and crafts book is complete, you can use your imagination and paper found around the house to make a cover. There is not a limit as to how you decide to finish this kids art project. You can keep it simple by hole punching the sides and running yarn through the holes. Or, you can visit your local office supply store. They have the equipment to make a spiral notebook out of this treasure.

If you have a group of kids, these kids crafts will be so much fun to create together. You can have each child draw a picture and tell a story. Group them together to make the story flow as one or have each story stand on its own. The kids will think it is pretty neat to have a �published� book.

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