Infinity Scarves For Women

Infinity Scarves For Women

Our Line of Infinity Scarves For Women made in Kenya have finally made their debut and they are wonderful. This journey has been such a touching and beautiful experience for my company, Treasure Box Kids.

The first step in beginning this adventure was partnering with the nonprofit organization, Tembo Trading Education Project based in Washington State. TTEP identifies women in need, helps us to develop the sewing techniques used by the seamstresses, and assists in developing the woman owned shop in Nukuru, Kenya. Treasure Box Kids, while working with TTEP, helps to economically develop these women through the sewing of the scarves for the line.  

This project would not be possible if not for the efforts of our partner TTEP and I cannot thank them enough for all that they have done to further this dream. To learn more about how this Kenyan project came to fruition you can read our previous blog post: Little Maisha Kid’s Clothing Changing Lives.

Infinity Scarves For Women

Infinity Scarves For Women: The Journey

Though this project has been an absolute dream, it wasn’t a perfectly paved road to get to where we are now. There have been many potholes and detours throughout the experience that hindered the progress of the project. Some of these detours effected us in some small ways and some larger ways. For example, when picking out the fabrics for the Infinity Scarves For Women I found myself falling in love with a specific pattern. By the time that I could get the word back to the project manager the fabric I had chosen would be sold out, or would not arrive in time for production. This is something I experienced on more than one occasion. While this did prove to be frustrating, we have learned how to overcome these issues. I am  happy with the fabrics I did choose, they are all rich in color and beautiful in pattern.

The tags for the Kenyan Infinity Scarves For Women are all hand painted by a local artist, Peter in Nukuru, Kenya. Each card is different from the last and depict a story of family life in Kenya. This feature of the scarves adds a personal and visual touch for what exactly these circular scarves mean to the women crafting them. 

The cards are also blank on the inside for even further personalization to the gift recipient. When purchasing the circular scarves, our customers will be able to explain to the person receiving this precious gift the impact it will have on the life of the person who crafted it. To purchase this special gift for someone special today visit: Infinity Scarves For Women.

Circular Scarf

Infinity Scarves For Women: Direct Trade

Having this project completely off of the ground is sensational and truly uplifting for me. We are officially making measurable accounts of how we are economically developing women in Kenya. Treasure Box Kids is making significant strides towards helping  women in Nukuru, Kenya to not become victims of human trafficking.

Direct Trade is at the core of this project because it will give us direct access to the women. We practice Direct trade through our project manager, Julie, who is on the ground in Kenya. She helps source the fabric as well as oversee the quality of production and treatment of the women. Having Julie on the ground  gives us control over ensuring that the women are given proper treatment and fair wages for their work. Knowing that I am able to make a difference in the lives of these women while doing what I love is a blessing. You can learn more about our Kenyan project on our website at: Little Maisha.Infinity Scarves For Women


The scarves come in five different patterns which allowing a style for every woman. They are machine washable and made of 100% chiffon fabric. They are versatile and can be worn dressed up and also dressed down for more casual situations. Enjoy a stylish accessory for every outfit, while helping make a difference in the lives of others by purchasing one of our Kenyan Infinity Scarves For Women.

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