Girls Hair Bows

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Girls Hair Bows

Girls hair bows add a finishing touch to a girl’s outfit. Girls hair bows can be worn directly in her hair, on a headband or attached to a beanie cap. By making your daughter’s hair bows yourself, you can customize them for outfits and events, as well as for her personal style. Small clip bows function well to sweep back bangs and medium bows look cute above a ponytail. Baby hair bows make for a polite way to handle awkward mistakes about the baby’s gender. Make sure that baby hair bows are secure to prevent swallowing. You will need: Ribbon, Thread, Needle, Glue gun, Scissors, Barrette, Liquid fray blocker.

Girls Hair Bows

Girls Hair Bows

Hair Bow Instructions:

1.     Cut a 22-inch length of ribbon that you will craft into a hair bow.

2.     Measure in 3 inches from one end of your ribbon. From there, create a loop out of the next 4-inch stretch of the ribbon, leaving the first 3 inches hanging like a “tail” at the end of the ribbon. Hold the loop in place with the thumb and forefinger of one hand. If your ribbon has a pattern, position the pattern on the outside of the loop.

3.     Create another loop out of the next 4-inch stretch of the ribbon. Secure it between your fingers along with the first loop.

4.     Make two more loops in this manner out of 4-inch stretches of the ribbon until you have a total of 4 loops, along with the 3-inch tail.

5.     Pinch the loops in the center to create a bow form. Wrap thread around the center and tie it securely.

6.     Cut an additional 4 inches of ribbon from the spool. Wrap this ribbon around the center of the bow and tie it in a knot, leaving the ends loose.

7.     Glue the top of a barrette to the back of the bow with a hot glue gun.

8.     Cover the top of the barrette with the loose ends of the knotted centerpiece ribbon, using the hot glue gun to secure them in place.

9.     Cut off any excess ribbon and trim the tails.

10.  Apply a small line of liquid fray blocker to the cut ends of the ribbon to keep them tidy.

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