Fun Baby Shower Game

Fun Baby Shower Game

Looking for a fun baby shower game for your guests? A fun baby shower game that we found is a baby shower version of Mad Libs. The object of Mad Libs is to produce a humorous story by using word substitutions. Word descriptions are followed by blank spaces. Players fill in these blank spaces with words that match the descriptions. Most word descriptions are simple parts of speech, like “noun”, “verb”, “adjective”, etc. When complete the story will be funny, crazy, ridiculous or just plain dumb. You can never tell till the story is read back.

Fun Baby Shower Game

Fun Baby Shower Game

Mad Lib games can revolve around the theme of the party. Create a story about the parents-to-be finding out they are pregnant, or write one about the mom-to-be informing her partner that she is expecting a baby. Create an amusing story about a woman’s water breaking, her labor at the hospital, her husband’s reaction as he witnesses the birth of the baby, etc. Numbers that can be inserted into the blanks can be particularly amusing. For example, if you put a blank beside baby’s weight and/or height, a number like 40 or 80 will be hilarious when read aloud. Divide into teams or play as one group. You’ll need one copy of the fill in sheet and one copy of the story sheet for each team.
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