Clothing Swap

Clothing Swap

Hold a clothing swap for all of that clothing your child doesn’t wear or never could fit into. Hosting a clothing swap has become a fun trend in the current economy as many of us do our best to stretch household budgets. A swap party is a chance to get several parents together, get rid of old clothes, pick up new clothes and never have to spend a dime.

Clothing Swap

Clothing Swap

  • Set a date and time for friends and family to come over for the clothes swap. You will want to explain to them that they should go through the outgrown clothes of their children and wash them and fold them neatly. (You do not want stained and messy clothes thrown into piles.) Ask them to bring these items with them to your home.
  • Make simple signs with construction paper and markers or printed off the computer that say the sizes that should be at the swap party. You can have blank paper in case someone brings sizes you were not anticipating. Simply write “12 months girls” or just “12 months.” The more people you have the, more descriptive you may want to make your signs. Place them in different locations in the room so that when guests arrive they can begin to sort out their clothing into appropriated size piles.
  • Have snacks and drinks available to guests to eat while they “shop.” This event works best if it is child free. That way, they are not rummaging through the piles and messing them up. If guests must bring children you may arrange for a video in a different room or an older teenager to come and entertain them while your guests work through piles.
  • As guests finish refilling their boxes and bags that they brought their children’s outgrown clothes to the party in with new clothes to take home, you can box up unclaimed clothing that no one wanted to take home (if there are any) and make arrangements to donate them to shelters or other organizations.

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