Children’s Craft

Children’s Craft…

Kids Foam Crafts: Fun with foam

Doing simple kids foam crafts with your child is so much fun and easy to do. One fun children’s craft idea is to make a foam pencil holder. This craft is not only fun to make but can also be presented to someone as a kids gift. Visit Treasure Box Kids blog each week to discover new ideas on how to make that special craft for kids as well as other children’s craft ideas.

Children's Craft

Children's Craft

Craft foam is usually very inexpensive and durable. If you take one sheet it can be rolled to make a pencil holder. Once you have rolled the foam and securely glued it to make a neat seam you can decorate it anyway that you like. To make it even more fun for your child, take them to the craft store with you and have them pick out the accessories to be put on the pencil holder. Or you can use things from home, buttons are always a nice accent and you can be very creative with them.

You can also purchase foam that is in different shapes or you can cut out designs such as animal designs or character designs. If you dip the foam into paint you can create a wonderful textured Picasso. Your kids will love it. For extra fun replace the paint with some home made jello pudding. The kids can �sample� their art work as they create it.


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