Children’s Birthday: Zoo party

Children’s Birthday: Zoo party

A fun idea for a children�s birthday party is to take a trip to the zoo. This will take the stress off of having to think of games when children are very young. This is the perfect idea for a children�s party. For beautiful birthday and party dresses, please visit us at

In lieu of having to supply party favors and lunch, you might consider just paying the admission of each guest. You can have cake at home to celebrate your child�s first birthday for anyone who would like to return to your home after the zoo excursion.

Childrens Birthday

Children's Birthday

Arrange to meet at the front gate at a designated time. You can wear safari hat so that your guest will easily find you. If you have paid the admission before your guests arrive, you can distribute the tickets as they arrive.

To distinguish your group from the others in the zoo you can have painters caps decorated with animal designs. Painter�s caps can be purchased for about one dollar at a painting supply company. To make your children�s birthday party even more personal have your child�s name on the painters hat. For example it can say Johnny�s First Birthday. To add to the fun and cohesiveness of the group suggest that each parent dress the child in a certain color. This will also help if everyone does not know each other and becomes detached from the group during the day.

For a first birthday an excellent gift idea is to suggest that in lieu of giving the baby gifts the guests can make a donation to the zoo for the care of animals. Your child is too young to understand the concept of a birthday and will not know the difference. This will be a great way to celebrate her birthday and help the zoological society as well.


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