Candyland Party

Candyland Party

Candyland Party

Candyland Party

Hosting a Candyland Party

Hosting a Candyland party is a great gender neutral party for preschool-aged children. A Candyland party is absolutely full of color and sweet fun! Fill colorful vases with old-fashioned swirled lollipops as decorative centerpieces, hang colorful construction paper to create the Candyland trail on the wall, blow up brightly colored balloons and wrap with cellophane to hang as colorful “candies.”

Candyland Party Games and Activities

Playing the Candyland game is an obvious choice for a small group of children. For a larger group of kids, create your own candy walk game by laminating squares of brightly colored construction paper. The idea is to make them look like the squares on the board game. Only use the color one time…if need be, you can use the double squares like the cards! Once you have the laminated pieces, set them up on the floor in a circular, winding pattern. Have the children stand on a square and walk the pathway while you play music. When you stop the music, each child should stand on a square while you pull a Candy Land card from the deck. The child that is standing on that color square gets to pick a “candy” prize from the Candy Bag and sits out. Then the game continues in this way until all the children have completed the walk and won a prize from the Candy Bag!

Another Candyland birthday game can be played with spoons and Hershey kisses. Hold a relay race. Use the winding construction paper path to see how far each child can get without spilling the candy from the spoon.

A fun Candyland craft activity is to create candy crowns for everyone to wear. Cut yellow or gold card stock into thirds and use your child’s head as a guide for creating the crown size. Glue hard candies, lollipops, gumdrops, jelly beans, etc. to crown.

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