Baby Games

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Baby Games

Some fun baby games such as this will teach your baby that things are still present even when they do not see them. Baby games will provide bonding time for parent and baby while helping baby to learn new things. Babies feel as though they cannot see an item when you play peek-a-boo. This kids activity will show them differently.

Baby Education

Baby Education

This baby education game is called Jack in the Can. The kids activity is basically a home made Jack-in-the-box. The items you will need are as follows.

1. a large disposable cup
2. a chopstick
3. a small stuffed animal, but a finger puppet is best

Make a hole in the bottom of the plastic cup. Insert the chop stick through the bottom. Attach the puppet to the end of the chopstick. You can secure it by taping it to the chopstick.

Now you can pull the finger puppet in and out of the cup to show your baby that the jack in the cup is still there when he does not see it. This and other baby games will help to develop your baby and help him learn.

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