Baby games-Baby Education

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Baby games-Baby Education

By using baby games as a tool to teach baby education, your baby will learn while having fun. Baby education is a great way to teach your child certain tasks while they are still very young. When young children are fascinated with turning lights off and on, we can use this as a chance to teach them responsibility. There are many kids games you can do to show cause and effect to babies.

Start by opening and closing cabinet doors. Turn lights off and on showing how the light switch is the reason that the light turns on and off. It is also good to show your baby this concept with the remote for the television.

Baby Games

Baby Games

Then you can branch out to more baby games. Take a ball and roll it across the floor. If you have a stuffed animal on the other side of the room your baby will see how the stuffed animal falls when hit by the ball. You can also put the toy on the end of the table. Gently push it off the table on to the chair. This will help your baby begin to understand the cause and effect of falling and height perception.

The best method of learning is by doing. Have your baby turn the light switch off and on to see what happens. Another example is to allow the baby to turn the water on and off. They will love the power of being able to make things work.

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