Kids Thanksgiving Crafts

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Kids Thanksgiving Crafts

Decorate with kids Thanksgiving crafts this holiday season. Kids Thanksgiving crafts allow younger family members to contribute to the festivities with a sense of pride. This Indian corn magnet craft is simple to make and may be modified for other decorative uses. Instead of attaching a magnet to this Thanksgiving craft, use hot glue to attach the Indian corn to napkin rings. Keep the Indian corn magnet craft and attach as novel stemware charms for holiday drinking glasses of sparkling cider.

Kids Thanksgiving Crafts

Kids Thanksgiving Crafts

Kid-friendly scissors
12-inch pipe cleaner stem
11mm tri-beads in red, gold, orange, and clear
Tacky glue
Small round magnet

1. Cut the chenille stem in half and form an X. Wrap one stem around the center of the X twice, leaving a short length of the stem. Bend the three remaining stems to form an Indian corn shape.
2. String beads on each of the three long stems, alternating colors. Bend the end of each stem to secure.
3. Knot a piece of raffia around the short stem. Glue a magnet to the back.

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