Kids Arts and Crafts

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Puzzles for Kids

Kids Arts and Crafts: Family Memory Puzzle

Today, kids arts and crafts are not only fun to make but can also be educational. This simple idea is a fun combination of kids crafts and kids memory games combined with family photos to make these puzzles for kids. Before getting started with this project, you may want to go to and check out the latest fashions for your child.

Puzzles for Kids

Puzzles for Kids

Start by taking some favorite photos and have them blown up to a larger size. This is easily done at Kinko�s or your local photo copying store for only a couple of dollars. To save a step, make the copies on poster paper if possible. This will make the finished project more durable. You can also take the enlarged photos and glue them to poster board or card stock.

Next, cut out different puzzle shapes in the photos. You can make them as large or as small as you desire taking into consideration the age of your child. Once you have cut apart the photos have your child put them back together again. It will teach your child shape recognition, memory and how things can be put together.

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