Baby shower: A Baby Shower Centerpiece that is Useful and Beautiful

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Baby Shower Ideas

Baby shower: A Baby Shower Centerpiece that is Useful and Beautiful

Create your own baby shower centerpieces when you host your next baby shower. Baby shower centerpieces can be a lot of fun to make with family and friends. You can create a beautiful and creative centerpiece that can actually be used by the new mom after the party. Visit Treasure Box Kids Blog each week to view creative baby shower ideas.

Baby Shower Centerpieces

Baby Shower Centerpieces

Here are the supplies you will need.

� Approximately 50 diapers
� Platter
� Scissors
� Baby bottle
� Candy (to go inside the bottle)
� Baby accessories, such as pacifiers and toys
� 70 feet of narrow ribbon
� 8 feet of wide ribbon
� tape

Begin by rolling the diapers from the open end to the middle. Secure each diaper with the narrow ribbon. Make a circle of approximately 25 diapers. Secure them together with the wide ribbon. Repeat this for the second layer of the cake using 15 diapers. Secure the diapers with a wide ribbon and place on top of the first layer. Secure the top layer to the bottom with rolled tape. Now, take the bottle which has been filled with candy and secure five diapers around it. Use this as the top layer. Once again secure it with tape. A small stuffed toy or animal would be the perfect topping.

This will look very special as the centerpiece or on the gift table. If you know the gender of the baby then you can accessorize accordingly. For baby shower gift ideas visit, where you will find adorable baby clothes at discount prices.

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